CPD & HUD Exchange News


CPD's CoC Debriefing - Register Now. (May 17, 2016)

CPD's guidance concerning the funding changes this year. (May 17, 2016)

CPD's guidance concerning CoCs webcasts for systematic approach to Ending Homelessness.

CPD's ESG Accounting Fact Sheet for recipients.



HUD Exchange News, Preparing for Your 2016 Housing Inventory Count & Point-in-Time Count: Webinar Recording and Additional PIT Count Planning Tools (Posted: 12-10-2015)

CPD's notice for Appropriate Placement for Transgender Persons in Single-Sex Emergency(posted: 12-9-2010)14 Shelters and Other Facilities(CPD-15-02)

CPD's has research showing improved coordination between Hospitals and Homeless Providers improves stable housing and reduces costs   (posted: November 2015)

CPD's 2016 Preparing for the Point In Time Count (PIT), November 2015

CPD's  HHS and HUD's Guidance on  Homeless and Runaway YouthData Sharing (October 2015)

CPD's HMIS Glossary Release (October 2015)

Guidance Videos  on Performance Measures (October 2015)

New Guidanceconcerning Homeless Youth (October 2015)

What does Ending Veteran's Homelessness mean?

Changes coming for the HMIS Data Reporting August 2015

CoC's Dashboard Reports July 2015

Veteran's  Home Assistance Opportunity, July 13, 2015

CPD's guidance on Coordinated Entry.

CPD's HMIS guidance on Runaway Youth,  May 2015