Welcome to the Housing Choice Voucher Program!

The Housing Choice Voucher, referred to as the HCV Program can provide monthly rental assistance to people struggling to meet their basic needs. You would pay 30% of your income to your landlord and the HCV program can provide the gap rental amount or the difference. The program provides financial assistance to rental homes from participating landlords who offer decent, safe, and affordable housing within the Fair Market Rents (FMR).


How long is the wait?

As of December 1, 2015, the Jasper County Public Housing Agency has approximately 90 days to 13 month waiting list for very low income persons who are living in the Jasper County Public Housing services area, Barton, Jasper (not including the city limits of Joplin), Newton and McDonald Counties.

Today, I am in need of utility assistance.

How do I get started with the housing rental assistance?

Just follow these Steps:

  1. Complete a Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Application. I need to update my waiting list application, please use this physical or mailing address form and return to our office.
  2. You will receive a "I am on the Waiting List" Notification letter within 30 days of a completed application. All selected applicants will be notified by mail when their name reaches the top of the waiting list. IMPORTANT! Keep us informed of your mailing address in writing (use this form).
  3. Next you will receive a letter for your Eligibility Appointment (selected applicants will be interviewed to determine their eligibility -  The HCV program follows the Very Low Income Limits {50%} maximum) Income Limits.
  4. Next you will attend a Voucher Briefing (selected applicants will attend an informational briefing, where they will learn about the program, and the requirements and then will be issued their Housing Choice Voucher). This will be a 4 hour session, please plan accordingly. Please arrange child care before you attend.
  5. Seeking a Home
  6. Submit a RFTA (Request for Tenancy Approval) form.
  7. Inspection of Unit(the selected home must be inspected by our Housing Quality Standards (HQS) Inspector. All selected homes MUST be HQS compliant?
  8. Select date for move-in between Tenant and Landlord.
  9. Execution of Lease ( between Landlord and Tenant)
  10. Execution of HAP Contract (upon approval the JCPHA will enter into a contact with the landlord, once the executed lease has been received)/li>
  11. Payments to Landlord (JCPHA will make the Housing Assistance Payments (HAP) to the landlord.) Any landlord questions should be referred back to your Housing Assistance Coordinator.