How Can I Become A Patient

What are the Steps in Becoming a Patient? EASY!
1. Call us at 417-781-4788, or email us for an appointment, or stop by and make an appointment (do what is easiest for you).
2. Some days we even have walk-in availability, just give us a call.
So What Will My First Visit Be Like?
1. Complete General Medical Forms. For example: your current health status, Medical History (mom, grandmothers, father and Grandfathers, if you know it), HIV Risk Assessment, and Consent for Treatment.
2. A Financial Agreement, briefly describing our payment policies and a HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices (Confidential, we can not share your information with anyone but you).
3. You will receive a private and confidential physical exam by a qualified Nurse Practitioner, Donna White, FNP working under the direction of a local OB/GYN physician, Dr. Chandler, MD to assess your current health status.
They will offer advice and counseling regarding any health issues discovered and help you choose the birth control method that is most appropriate for you. Women who are no longer able to become pregnant are also welcomed to become our patient and take advantage of the gynecological services and tests we provide.