Poverty Simulation

Community Action Poverty Simulation (CAPS)

Here is Video and The Joplin Globe reporting on ESC's hosted by MSSU's Poverty Simulation held on October 28, 2016 


3 Short Hours & YOU will learn what Your neighbors are experiencing everyday.


Real Testimonials from Local Community Members from November 2015 Poverty Simulation hosted by Economic Security Corporation, Circles Joplin & United Way of SW MO, SE KS

KOAM TV reported news story. 


The Joplin Globe news article (November 13, 2015)

ESC’s Poverty Simulation provides participants with the opportunity to assume the role of a low-income family member living on a limited budget. Participants will have four 15-minute sessions, each representing a week, in which they will simulate real-life situations encountered by those living in poverty. As one participant commented, “(This) simulation dramatically demonstrates how much time and energy many families have to give, just to survive from day to day. It quickly dispels the myth ‘that people would do fine if they would only go out and get a job!’”

What would you do if?

  • You had to decide between paying your mortgage or feeding your children?
  • You lost your job and had no savings to pay your bills?
  • You needed assistance to pay your rent?
  • You lost your car and had no transportation to get to your employer?

The Economic Security Corporation of Southwest Area (ESC), A Community Action  partners with community organizations enabling participants to experience what it might be like to live on a limited income.   If we can provide further information about the CAPS or if you would like to schedule a poverty simulation for your organization; please contact us at 417-627-2013, or e-mail Debbie Markman, we look forward to working with you in the near future!


CAPS Resource Volunteers Needed:

Are you interested in making a difference?  Do you enjoy interacting with people?  If so, ESC has a volunteer opportunity for you!  We are looking for people to volunteer at our poverty simulations.  This three hour volunteer opportunity is enjoyable and fun, and it makes a positive impact in our community.  For more information on becoming a volunteer, please call Debbie Markman at 417-627-2013.


Just Completed a Community Action Poverty Simulation...

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