Comprehensive Homeless Assistance for New Career Employment

The CHANCE program provides a service not currently being served by other programs in our area. This program is designed to help people experiencing homelessness find and retain employment.  We specifically target homeless individuals and provide 80 hours of life skills training to help get them prepared to job search, support through case management while job searching and case management support to help retain the job. 

The CHANCE program is available in three counties: Jasper, Newton and McDonald counties!


The five components of the program

Component 1: 80 hour Life skills training

Component 2: Work experience or volunteer opportunity

Component 3: Employment

Component 4: Job Retention                                       

Component 5: Follow-up




Greg had been out of work for nine months.  Having lived in Arizona for the past 32 years he felt it was time to expand his horizons. He relocated to Missouri in January of 2014 to be closer to his daughter whom he had not seen for eight years. The decision to leave for the Midwest was instant; he packed light and caught a bus within 5 days. He began looking for work and encountered a few obstacles. He sought temporary shelter and continued to look for work, however by May he was put out of the shelter, had no job, and no options. Greg set up camp in the woods and lived outside for some time.  

Greg came into contact with Judy and Cindy, who are Homeless Employment Support workers with Economic Security Corporation, while at The Salvation Army one afternoon. After a brief meeting he says he was “blessed with interview as a possible student in the CHANCE program.” He was accepted into the program and started class a few days later. He completed the 80 hour workshop in June.  “The class built my esteem and skills in short order.” Greg experienced several setbacks and nearly gave up to failure yet his drive to succeed was great.  “Each time I made contact about some concern, the staff at ESC displayed caring, positive, immediate response and my esteem held, their promise held.”

Greg became employed by the end of September and moved into his own apartment in October. He is proud to be a self- supporting member of his community and has returned to share his story with other CHANCE participants. “All I needed was a little help from some friends.  My greatest success seems to be good loyal friends and staffing at Economic Security Corporation.”