Message from Executive Director

On behalf of Lowcountry Community Action Agency “Welcome to our new updated web site.  This web site was developed to provide pertinent information and keep the community abreast of the agency’s mission, vision, programs, services and current events. 

Since its incorporation, the agency has administered grant funds in excess of $220,000,000, enrolled over 15,000 Head Start Children, provided over 350,000 meals and additional services to over 150,000 families through federal, state and local funding.  As with other human service agencies, there is a need to expand services for potential future growth, in order to reach disadvantaged children, individuals, families, etc. Continued budget cuts has hindered the agency’s ability to adequately remove barriers addressed by families and children in need of assistance.

As the newly selected Executive Director, I am thankful and honored to receive the torch from such a wonderful predecessor, Ms. Arlene Dobison. I will continue to thrive towards the objectives set forth, by effectively delivering the best results possible to all of those that we serve. 

Proposed cuts and current changes in State and Federal funding levels, with stringent regulations, continue to have a direct impact on our organization programs and bring challenges in the delivery of services and agency growth.  The uncertainty of our nation’s economy continue to be a challenge, however with the outstanding teamwork, and support, I am confident the agency will continue its mission, to help change the lives of those we serve and assist them to become self-sufficient.

Finally, I would like to thank our outstanding Board of Directors, for keeping us on our mission.  To the visionaries who saw the need and the impact Lowcountry Community Action Agency services would have on the communities we serve.  A special thanks, to my staff, that have shown total commitment and dedication.

If you wish to assist LCAA in providing services to expand to as many children and families as possible, please contact us at info@lowcountrycaa.org. Your advocacy, comments and donor support are encouraged and greatly appreciated.

Tara Folk-Glover

Executive Director