Home Repair Opportunity Program (HeRO)

Geraldine said, “My friends call me Jerry.” So, Geraldine is Jerry to all of us, as we consider her our friend for life. Jerry’s 75 year-old home was cold in the winter, her bathtub was very difficult to get in and out of safely, her porch had deteriorated so much that the railing was no longer safe to use, and her windows and exterior doors were not energy efficient or safe. With  Jerry’s  advanced age and physical condition, it made it increasingly difficult for her to safely move around her home and maintaining her home was next to impossible.

Jerry heard about ESC’s Home Repair Program through a friend, and with one phone call to the Home Repair Department her life changed forever. Jerry received curb side service to turn in her application and before she knew it, her house was being repaired through the HeRO Program, which is funded by the Missouri Housing Development Commission.

Not too long after Jerry's rehabilitation project was approved, Steve and his crew were knocking on her door ready to go to work. Jerry welcomed them with open arms, and in no time she was feeding them her famous pinto beans with Polish Sausage and homemade cornbread. The construction crew did not want to leave!

Jerry said, “I would be lying in bed at night and would hear the wind whistling through the cracks around the windows and would even see the curtains blowing, and now with my new doors and windows, they are not only beautiful, but now I lay in bed and I’m warm and so surprised that I don’t hear as much outside noise.” Jerry also said, “Getting in and out of my bathtub was so difficult and unsafe and now I can just walk in my new walk-in shower.” As an added bonus, after the repairs were completed on her home, Jerry has seen a reduction in her gas and electric utility bills.

Jerry and her beloved dog Runner, are both very happy with the repairs that were done to their home and she said, “Runner is also thankful for the repairs that were done to our home, and he especially enjoys laying in the sunlight and soaking up the rays during the winter.”