Joplin Consortium HOME Repair Program

Robbie and Melissa were trying to balance their work- life as best as they could with an expanding family. They were finding it increasingly more difficult to make ends meet, let alone make the needed repairs to their aging home. Robbie and Melissa’s main concern was for their children’s safety and comfort. They wanted  to have the peace of mind of knowing that they were providing the best living conditions they could for their children. 

The family’s aging home had several repairs that needed to be done. The main problem was a leaky roof, then the list goes on – windows broken, bathroom faucet broke. . . . Melissa said, “Our house is drafty and cold and very hard to maintain.”

Robbie and Melissa applied for the Joplin Consortium Home Repair Program and were diligent on providing all the necessary documentation throughout the application process. Their project was approved and soon after, the work began on their home.

The construction crew repaired their home, making it almost not recognizable as the same home. Melissa said, “They jumped in and fixed structural issues, replaced our leaky roof, sided our home, replaced the horrible windows, and replaced the leaky faucet."

The children formed a special bond with the construction crew. Melissa said, “The kids called the crew ‘the guys’ and couldn’t wait to get home from school to see them. I tried to prepare them that they were leaving, but that did not work for our youngest. One day when they got off of the bus ‘the guys’ weren’t there and the youngest child started crying because they weren’t coming back.”

The entire ESC team is very aware that our construction crews are a vital part of the Home Repair Team, but it seems as if they are more special than we thought.