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Shirley’s house was built in 1880, and she has lived there for over 48 years. The house has been added onto and updated a little over the years. It was drafty, and the heating system had to work really hard to keep the place warm during the winter months. Our weatherization inspection revealed that her front and back doors, heating system, and air conditioner all needed replaced.

She had very little insulation in the attic, and many of her windows needed glazed and were missing sash locks. Our weatherization team installed a new 35,000 BTU energy efficient propane console heating system, a new air conditioner, two new insulated steel doors, and 1000 square feet of R-38 blown cellulose attic insulation. An ASHRAE fan was installed to remove pollutants and allergens from the air. Carbon monoxide and smoke detectors were installed for safety. The team glazed several of her windows and installed sash locks to assure home security and reduce air infiltration where needed.

Shirley is very happy with the work that was completed on her home. She said, “What was done sure saves on gas. The new heater doesn’t run as long, and we keep warm for less money (during the winter). The new doors are sure nice, too.” She also said, “The air conditioner  didn’t  kick on as often over the summer. It didn’t run very long when it did kick on.” She concludes with, “We are very satisfied. Thank you very much!”


We love it when our clients are happy, healthy, and saving money. By spending less money on electricity and propane, Shirley has the ability; to live more comfortably