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Early Head Start and Head Start Services

Ashley Sexton has proven to be a very resilient young woman. A little over a year ago, her husband died unexpectedly from a severe asthma attack. She was left with raising her two small children, Avanna and Atreyu by herself. She has a very good relationship with her parents and was able to obtain housing at 1502 Michigan Place in order to be near them. She started working at Casey’s. At first, she was turned down for advancement because they perceived her as still being too emotional. She has now been promoted twice in the past three months. Atreyu was enrolled in Early Head Start and soon after, Avanna was able to get into Head Start. Ashley is now enrolled in courses towards a degree in Forensic Science. She has a two year goal to finish prerequisites and then enroll in a Bachelor program. She was able to purchase a laptop to help with taking on-line  classes. She would like to begin looking at purchasing a house in the next year or so. Atreyu is beyond his age level of skills in many areas through Kindercharts. It has been a privilege to work with this family during this difficult times in their lives.