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Head Start & Early Head Start Services

Sammy Jack, Jr. and Mary Jack are young parents who had a lot of different challenges that they faced, fought, and overcame, which helped define the family they are today. They have five children. Sammy works full-time at a manufacturing company, and Mary works full-time as a stay at home mom. Even with a busy schedule they never let that interfere with making time for the family. They are very active in their life, school, and events that happen every day. 

They have been actively involved in Early Head Start Jasper County, Missouri since March of 2013. They currently have a child enrolled in the Sarcoxie Head Start with Economic Security Corporation, and actively participate in the following areas: Policy Council Representative, President, and Male Involvement Representative. Sammy immediately started planning events for Dad-N-Kids for Early Head Start and Head Start. (We do monthly events at the center for both Head Start and Early Head Start to promote male involvement.) 

When they first started with Early Head Start and Head Start, they had hoped it would be a good experience, but had no idea the benefits they would receive from being part of the program. Two of their children are enrolled in the program. One is in Early Head Start and one in Head Start. When the Early Head Start home visitor comes to their home the children know the TV gets turned off, they get on the floor to work and learn together. The children have gone from withdrawn to completely social and enjoying all parts of the home visits. 

In August 2015 Sammy started at Sarcoxie Head Start. It wasn’t long before he started showing improvement in his independence and doing things on his own. His speech improved as he was making new friends and socializing with other children. He has learned patience as well as what is appropriate and what’s not. Both parents are very involved in daily routines at home. Sammy reads with the children, helps with homework, gives assistance with bedtime routines in bathing, brushing teeth, and good night rituals. 

Family values are very important to the Jack family. They make a special point to make sure they are doing things as a family like enjoying walks together several times a week, attending local events in the community, or maybe just time together at home.