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Head Start Services

Luz and Donald Sheets are grandparents raising their five year old grandson, Daniel. When Daniel came    to live with them this year they were faced with the challenge of finding resources for Daniel so that they could continue working on their educational goals. Both Luz and Donald came to the Head Start Center and made an application for Daniel to attend Head Start. The Head Start program assisted them in making referrals to other community agencies and resources. Daniel was able to attend both Head Start and the Joplin Early Childhood Program. This was a huge relief for Luz and Don!! 

Daniel is a great kid. He comes to school everyday with a  smile and big bright eyes ready to learn. 

Luz Sheets was able to complete her degree in Criminal Justice Administration and an Associate of Science in Law Enforcement in December 2015 at Missouri Southern State University. She has plans to take a break from her studies to seek employment opportunities and to spend time with her grandson Daniel. Donald Sheets is getting closer to finishing his degree in education and will graduate in December of 2016. 

Donald and Luz have worked hard on their educational studies and still manage to be involved in their grandson’s education. Much thanks to both of you for sharing your grandson with us. We are very proud of your accomplishments and wish your entire family the very best.