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Head Start Services

Maria, with her one year old son and fifteen year old daughter, who had a one year old son, enrolled in the Head Start program a little over a year ago. Maria along with her three children and grandson were living in a small two bedroom house that she and her husband were buying. At that time her husband had moved out and was living with a girlfriend, but was giving Maria a small amount of money each month for living expenses. 

Her son and grandson had not had a well child checkup since they were one month old. After providing transportation, since Maria doesn’t have a driver’s license or vehicle, the boys are now up to date on immunizations and on a regular six month schedule for dental exams. 

Maria found out last summer her husband had sexually abused her daughters. She was devastated having to deal with the guilt of knowing that she might have been able to do something had she known what was happening. Dealing with police and Social Services was very stressful. Our translator, along with our mental health consultant, went to work finding resources for the family. Because of our translator’s determination through all the road blocks, the family is now receiving TA, is on a wait list for subsidized housing and is receiving weekly counseling. Maria is working with immigration and may be able to get her papers because of the abuse. This would mean she would be eligible for more assistance and could be employed to support her family. 

A few months ago Maria complained of a loss of hearing in one ear. Our translator found a program that would help pay for a hearing aid. She now has a hearing aid and doesn’t have to be concerned about losing all hearing in that ear. 

Maria is doing much better now and looking forward to a better future. She and her daughter volunteered to be on our parent committee and they do a great job participating in home visits and socializations.