Intensive Case Management

Ramona, a 38 year old mother of one son, found herself raising her child alone after she learned that her husband was having an affair. She sought services from our agency, inquiring about all the programs our agency offered. Staff talked to her about Intensive Case Management. She agreed to work with Suzanne, a Case Manager in our Neosho office, and let her assist her in navigating survival on her meager income. During Suzanne’s first visit to Ramona’s home she saw that there were only beds, bedding, and clothing. Suzanne was able to network with multiple people in the area including some of her other case management families to get her some furniture. Ramona found a job as a home health worker and was paid barely over minimum wage. Unfortunately the job had her burning more gas and paying out more childcare than she could afford. She was dependent on the food stamp program and WIC which helped with her food costs. When her divorce was granted she was awarded $400 per month in child support and some alimony which she hopes to see but knows from past experience that it is hard to count on. Through programs such as Intensive Case Management, Missouri Housing Trust Fund Rental Assistance, and Salvation Army funds she was able to survive. Ramona hopes to obtain her CNA certificate one day which will put her in a better position to support her family.