Utility Assistance

Terry and Lili thought they had the ‘American Dream’. Terry served in the military and completed several tours in Vietnam. When he returned, he worked hard to learn a trade to provide for his family. Terry and Lili raise six children and own their own business.

Terry’s health started to fail several years ago. Then, Lili suffered a debilitating stroke during the blizzard in February of 2011. They had just learned about programs through Economic Security such as Energy Assistance and ECIP (a crisis program regarding utilities). Participation in programs such as these allowed their family to be able to maintain adequate heat during the winter months.

They were informed this winter that Terry is now in late stages of COPD. The doctors told them they should consider contacting Hospice. It was at this time they learned of the Utility Program which was available to low income families in Jasper and Newton Counties through our agency. This program was made possible through a generous donation from the Joplin Leased Housing Corporation and could help with current electric bills. Now, instead of being overwhelmed with their electric bills, they can spend precious time cherishing family moments